Excerpt: Bewitched and Bewildered

Bewitched and Bewildered: The tale of Sebastian, a witch in a mid-life crisis, who’s trying to keep his sanity while dealing with his mischievous siamese cat, an ex-boyfriend and his neighbor Scott, an enigmatic professor who’s hunky enough to rival stonehenge.

Sebastian grinned and sidled up close enough to Scott so that he caught a whiff of woodsmoke again, the scent that he found so enticing earlier in the evening when he tripped and fell head first onto Scott’s chest. “You’re welcome to come in here and visit anytime you want. Business is slow sometimes; it would be nice to have some company,” he told Scott in a low smooth voice.

He was more than a little disappointed when instead of saying something flirty in return, Scott went slack-jawed. His eyes wide with wonder, he said excitedly: “That charm you’re wearing, where on earth did you get it? I’ve only seen one other one like it! It was a find from a dig in England, in Chanctonbury.”

As if a secret had been revealed, Sebastian’s hand flew reflexivley to the hollow of his throat. A stone, delicately veined with deep purple, nestled there as it dangled from a black velvet cord worn around his neck. The amulet was at one time an animal figure but now, to the untrained eye, it was no more than a lumpy bit of time worn stone.

“Oh, this? It’s been in the family for ages.”

Scott continued to look astonished, “That’s quite a piece, the Celts used it for some very powerful magic. They say it’s certain death to those who don’t know how to wield it. You need to be careful about what you do with it.” Then with a half shrug he added, “That is if you believe in that sort of thing.”

Sebastian cocked an eyebrow. “Do you believe in that sort of thing?”

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